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Intermodal Service Employee

Posted: 02-06-19 Company: CSX Transportation Location: Worcester

Job Summary

Intermodal Service Employees (ISE) are responsible for safely performing activities and completing processes that place customer freight for movement on a train from the origin to the CSX Intermodal Terminal destination across our network. The ISEs will also be responsible for ensuring the availability of our customers’ freight for pick up after arriving at the destination terminal.

Primary Activities and Responsibilities

The activities and responsibilities fall into four broad categories (Securement, Yard/Lift Operations, Clerical and other)

Securement tasks include:

  • Ascending and descending rail cars
  • Inspection and securement of trailers, containers and intermodal flatcars
  • Assisting lift operators in the proper positioning of equipment
  • Lifting of interbox connectors (IBC) and related accessories
  • Operation of powered vehicles known as IBC carts
  • Working in a high-paced outdoor environment around moving equipment and vehicles
  • Yard and Lift operations include:
  • Operating utility tractors (hostlers) to move equipment on the terminal and operating lift machines that place and remove equipment to and from railcars.
  • Connecting, moving, and parking of chassis, trailers and containers on terminal property.
  • Inspection of equipment for condition and operational readiness
  • Ascending and descending vehicle ladder/stairs
  • Connecting and disconnecting airlines (gladhands)
  • Manually operating crank handle to raise and lower chassis landing gear legs
  • Operation of various lift equipment configurations to load and unload trailers and containers to/from railcars, stacks, ground or chassis.
  • Prolonged sitting in equipment cabs
  • Use of  joystick controls, radios, equipment displays and onboard computers
  • Lifting and lowering containers and trailers from elevated heights safely and efficiently
  • Clerical duties include:
  • Utilize Microsoft Office systems
  • Utilize computer systems to obtain and/or input information regarding intermodal car and/or equipment
  • Knowledge of hazmat requirements and ability to respond to minor spills as necessary 

Other duties require:

  • Knowledge of FRA and AAR securement regulations and railway line clearance requirements
  • The ability to work positively and contribute to a team focused on customer service and accomplishing productivity targets. 
  • Ability to identify or analyze defective components and indicate the necessary corrective action
  • Inspection and application of end-of-train device and performance of airbrake tests
  • Ability to clean, lubricate and maintain securement devices and other special intermodal equipment
  • Pay Rate: $19.48 Hourly. Paid 90% of hourly rate for the first 8 months.  

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