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Combined Cycle Operator - (210615)

Posted: 06-05-18 Company: Exelon Generation Location: Mystic Station 173 Alford St CHARLESTOWN 02129


Responsible for the safe and efficient operational shift activities for the Mystic 8 and 9 generating facility. The facility is a nominal 1600 MW natural gas fueled combined cycle facility featuring 4 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (“MHI”) 501 G gas turbines, 4 Deltak Heat Recovery Steam Generators (“HRSG”) with catalytic reduction systems and supplemental duct firing, and 2 MHI steam turbines and air cooled condensing systems.

Specific responsibilities and duties include:

1.                  Perform the required activities of the control room and roving operator watchstations, including the operation and performance monitoring of all equipment, test and treatment of plant water chemistry, creation and maintenance of plant records, extensive use of personal computers and distributed control systems, and all other plant operations.

2.                  Maintain high personnel and equipment safety.

3.                  Maximize plant efficiency and profits without degrading personnel and equipment safety practices, environmental requirements or the long-term operation of the plant.

4.                  Ensure all environmental permit conditions are constantly met.

5.                  Perform other assigned independent, team, or shift tasks such as system expert, industrial safety program activities, routine maintenance tasks, housekeeping and general facility preservation.

6.                  Assist in developing and defining operational policies and procedures.

7.                  Assist in identifying and implementing profit improvement projects.

8.                  Assist in developing the annual budget and training plan for plant operations.

9.                  Respond quickly to abnormal plant conditions or requirements.

10.              Work with OSHA classified hazardous materials.

11.              Provide outage support to the Maintenance Department.


1.                    Administratively reports to the Operations Supervisor.

2.                    While on shift, reports to Lead Combined Cycle Operator.


1.                   Must possess a Massachusetts First or Second Class Engineer’s License.

2.                   A Grade 4 Waste Water Treatment License is desirable.

3.                   At least a high school graduate with a minimum of 5 years experience in steam and electric power plant operations with an overall knowledge of power plant equipment and operations including theory.

4.                   Additional background/skills in a maintenance or technical discipline such as engineering, mechanic, water chemistry, electrician, instrument and control, or gas turbines is required.

5.                   Ability to qualify and maintain qualification as a control room and roving operator. This includes the ability to distinguish between colors; ability to climb ladders and to be at heights of 80-100 feet; ability and dexterity to manipulate various size components from valves to small electrical switches to computer keyboards; ability to perform chemical sampling procedures; and the ability to handle quick changing situations under stress.

6.                   Ability to work extended hours and respond to call in when required.

7.                   Experienced in the use of personal computers and software applications.

8.                   Ability to work independently and as an overall integral plant staff

team member.

Instructions to Apply:

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