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Posted: 10-12-18 Company: Bentley University Location: Waltham, MA

Job Description Summary

The physical demands of this position range from LIGHT to MEDIUM. This position involves adjusting, inspecting, and repairing windows, doors, roofs, ceilings, floors, foundations, and partitions. Constructing and removing partitions, ceilings, floors, and scenery. Monitors building conditions and performs scheduled maintenance. These are completed in accordance with all applicable OSHA regulations and established schedules and procedures at Bentley University. Standing, walking, lifting, carrying and reaching are performed on a frequent to constant basis. Bending, pushing, pulling, climbing, kneeling and twisting are performed on an occasional to frequent basis. The heaviest physical demands are required during handling of furniture, heavier doors and equipment, cement and dry wall material, etc. These activities require handling of 25-50 pounds of load resistance on an occasional to frequent basis. Heavier tasks may require the assistance of (2) or more co-workers.

Essential Duties

1. Adjusts, inspects, and repairs all building windows, doors, roofs, floors, foundations, ceilings, interior and exterior partitions, wall systems and interior and exterior finishes to detect hazards, malfunctions, the need for adjustment and/or replacement of such items as metal/wood doors, fixed/operable windows, hardware (door, window, electro-mechanical), paneling (wood, cloth, vinyl, ceramic), floor coverings, wall-board (gypsum, cementitious), cabinetry, as well as other similar or related building components.

2. Monitors the building conditions through a schedule review program and makes the necessary corrections and adjustments to meet the buildings' programmatic requirements.

3. Participates in training to keep and acquire knowledge, skills, and abilities to remain current with standard operational practices and revised standards.

4. Responds to emergency call-in situations.

5. Reports building damages, malfunctioning equipment, needed maintenance and/or repairs in assigned work areas.

6. Maintains all types of roofs, asphalt, wood slate, etc.

7. Maintains all furniture in academic and resident areas.

8. Constructs and removes partitions, ceilings, floor, etc. Construction of scenery and furniture for special events and activities.

9. Follows proper clean-up and recycling procedures, leaving work area clean and vacuumed, as well as observes all safety rules and regulations (including OSHA regulations) while handling and/or caring for Bentley tools and equipment, to avoid injury to self and others.

10. Interacts professionally with members of the Bentley community.

11. Inputs data into the computerized work order system, recording time and work order information.

Other Duties

1. Performs locksmith duties as back up to locksmith including maintenance of all door hardware, panic devices, door closers, hinges, changing combination locks, etc.

2. Provides appropriate support in major campus activities including but not limited to: snow removal, freshman orientation, open house, opening/closing of school, baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate commencement.

3. May be required to assist other trades as directed by Facilities Manager.

4. Performs all other related duties necessary to meet Facilities Management requirements.

Minimum Qualifications
1. A minimum of 5 years of full-time experience working as a carpenter is required.
2. Must hold a Massachusetts Construction Supervisor license.
3. Must be physically able to perform the essential duties of the position as set forth in this Position Content Description Document.
4. Ability to use electrical and mechanical tools and equipment.
5. Ability to read blueprints required.
6. Ability to be trained in proper use of aerial lifting equipment.
7. Must be able to read, write and interpret documents in the English language, e.g. safety rules, material safety data sheets (MSDS), operating repair, installation and procedure instruction manuals.
8. Must be able to effectively interact and communicate with co-workers and supervisors.
9. Must be available for emergency call-in situations.
10. Use of motor vehicle required for transportation of tools and equipment for job related duties. Must hold and maintain a valid, unrestricted United States driver's license, with an insurable driving history as determined by Bentley's insurance carrier. May be required to drive a Bentley issued vehicle.
11. Properly uses and cares for Bentley tools, radios and equipment.

Instructions to Apply:

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