Basic Electricity Course #100

Tuition: $1900 Duration: 15 Weeks (AM) 12 Weeks (PM) / Completion: 90 Hours (AM) 72 Hours (PM)

This complete, hands-on, residential electrical course is designed for anyone interested in learning more about electricity; or an electrical apprentice; or plant mechanic that wants to increase that knowledge. The course covers electrical products, basic More Info

Journeyman Electrician I Prep Course #101A

Tuition: $2650 Duration: 40 Weeks / Completion: 320 Hours

This course is designed to prepare a student to sit for his/her Journeyman Electrician Exam administered through the Massachusetts Electrician's Board: provided the student has met the hours in the field and the required hours of classroom training. The class work is based on National Electrical Code. More Info

Journeyman Electrician II Prep Course #101B

Tuition: $2650 Duration: 40 Weeks / Completion: 320 Hours

The course is designed for the student who has already completed the 300 hour Journeymen Electrician I. This 300 hour class will complete the required 600 hours. More Info

Electrical License Test Prep Course #101C

Tuition: $550 Duration: 8 Weeks / Completion: 40 Hours

This is an accelerated study review course designed to quickly prepare candidates for Journeyman and Masters state licensing exam. More Info

Master Electrician Prep Course #102

Tuition: $1490 Duration: 20 Weeks / Completion: 160 Hours

This intensive course is designed to prepare the Journeyman Electrician who is about to sit for the Master Electrician License exam; given by the Board of Electrician State Examiners. More Info

Systems Technician Class D License Prep Course #103

Tuition: $2650 Duration: 40 Weeks / Completion: 320 Hours

This course has been carefully designed to focus on various aspects of Access Control - Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems. More Info

15 Hour Electrician License Renewal Course #105

Tuition: $160 Completion: 15 Hours

This course is approved for Journeyman and Master Electricians. More Info

6 Hour Electrical License Seminar Course #105

Tuition: $100 Completion: 6 Hours

This course is the 6 hour seminar that electricians need to complete their 21 hour mandatory license renewal requirement. More Info

3 Combo Program B Course #501

Tuition: $6060 Duration: 15 Weeks / Completion: 330 Hours

This full-time, 22 hr. / week program covers HVACR Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration Prep, Oil Heat Technicians License Prep and Basic Electricity. More Info

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