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HVAC/Oil Burner Tech

Posted: 10-23-17 Company: Compass Location: Becker College- Worcester, MA

Becker College is a small campus located in both Worcester and Leicester Ma.  There is roughly 50 buildings with each having boilers ranging from single stage house units to larger 6 stage industrial units.  Most of the buildings have the smaller house sized units and run either gas or oil. We are offering a 40 hour/week full-time position to handle the boilers and be able to make minor repairs to some of the AC units as well.  Some other maintenance work will be expected when not dealing with the boilers.  You can email myself to explain some more if needed, otherwise you can apply directly online at the contact above.  My email is  

Instructions to Apply:

All hiring is done through the website, but I can certainly answer questions or look at resumes before applying online.