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Engineer/HVAC Mechanic

Posted: 03-01-17 Company: Mount Auburn Hospital Location: Cambridge, MA


Principal Duties and Responsibilities 1. Oversees maintenance of the generation of steam power to provide heat and to operate various equipment throughout the hospital. Supervises the boiler operators in maintaining high-pressure boilers of various horse power and such auxiliary equipment as steam engines, air compressors, and generators to provide steam, electric power, and auxiliary services. 2. Ascertains time schedules of load demands and plans operation based on time required to build up or lower pressure. Oversees supplying heat and power to operate various equipment, including elevators, air conditioners, refrigerators, water purifiers, and lights in all hospital departments. 3. Records such data as hours of boiler operation, pressure, and temperature. Keeps records of fuel consumption. a. Observes functioning of steam, vacuum, water, and other, indicating measures to determine operating condition of equipment. b. Makes adjustments and repairs where necessary. Uses considerable judgment in emergency situations. 4. Oversees the operation of three centrifugal air-conditioning units, to provide chilled water to hospital for air-conditioning depending upon demand. a. Assigns boiler operators to trouble calls throughout the hospital and to taking readings and temperatures of air-conditioning and air-handling equipment. b. Assumes full responsibility of all plant operations on assigned shift, with 100% accuracy. 5. Maintains working area in a clean and orderly condition; observes standard safety rules and regulations. Oversees conditions of boilers and power generators. 6. Performs duties outside of boiler room occasionally (in adjustment or repair to air-conditioners and other equipment as required or as directed). 7. Maintains and operates a computerized energy management system and regularly performs duties of HVAC mechanic, with 100% accuracy.


1. Considerable knowledge of high-pressure boilers, steam engines, compressors, and auxiliary equipment, and the use of a broad training in the field. Familiar with steam fitting, plumbing methods, and techniques normally acquired with a high school diploma or equivalent. Boiler operation school (nine months); heating ventilation and air-conditioning training desired. 2. Knowledge of hospital plant systems normally acquired during three months of on-the-job training. 3. Third class stationary engineer's license issued by the Department of Public Safety of Massachusetts. 4. Refrigeration license issued by the Department of Public Safety of Massachusetts.


1. Somewhat disagreeable working conditions; exposure to typical boiler room elements including heat, steam, hot water, oil and grease, etc., with one or the other usually present to the extent of being disagreeable. 2. Able to see gauges/displays, hear alarms, and manipulate dials 100% of the time. 3. Exposure to power tools and heavy equipment 100% of the time. 4. Ability to stand, walk, stoop, bend, and climb stairs 50% of the time.

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