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Control Room Operator

Posted: 06-02-17 Company: Gillette Location: South Boston

The Gillette World Shaving Headquarters in So. Boston, Ma. Is hiring for licensed Second Class Engineers - Control Room Operators to work in our power generation facility. They will work as owners and Leaders of their shift and equipment.

Plant operators do various types of work, operating and maintaining power generation equipment, including: 7.2 MW Co-generation combined Cycle, Steam turbines, boilers, chillers, compressed air, vacuum and process water systems. Water treatment systems, permit compliance testing. These systems are critical to the manufacturing process. In order to perform the work described above in our manufacturing atmosphere, Plant Operators are able to display skills in Power generation processes, including operating, maintaining and cleaning equipment; maintaining accurate records and data; strong technical, interpersonal and problem-solving skills; and knowledge of computers.  Additionally, the safety of Plant Operators is of great importance to Procter & Gamble. Control Room Operators will be required to wear appropriate safety equipment, such as safety shoes, ear protection, and eye protection. The South Boston Procter & Gamble Plant operates 7-days per week. Plant Operators work any day of the week, including weekends.  Work on weekends may be as overtime or as part of their normal schedule. Changes in business volume and production requirements can cause the plant to occasionally change the length of work shifts or the rotation schedule.  The hours of work vary from 8 to 12 hours per day.  Shift rotations vary from working a single straight shift to working two or three rotating shifts. Plant Operators must be willing to rotate and to work any shift.  Additional days could be required to be worked as overtime.

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