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Chiller Operator

Posted: 04-17-17 Company: Harvard University Location: Cambridge

Duties & Responsibilities

A specifically trained mechanic, skilled in the trade of operating and servicing chilled water generation/distribution systems and related equipment/components.  Responsible for maintaining an intimate knowledge of such systems and identifying and resolving problems associated with each system consistent with recognized trade practices, industry standards, codes/jurisdictional authorities, and University guidelines/practices. Also required to perform, as directed, other skills of the trade and related duties associated with the operation and maintenance of steam equipment and distribution systems, water/drainage distribution systems, and other related systems. Must maintain work area, tools and equipment in accordance with University standards/practices. Required to work independently and/or with others under the guidance of the Associate Manager and/or Working Foreman.

Operates central chilled water plant under varying load conditions. Operates other miscellaneous plant equipment including water treatment systems and compressed air systems. Works with other trades personnel and management personnel to maintain continuous plant operations/performance. Takes all related plant readings critical for operations, efficient performance, and billing (e.g., pressures, temperatures, flows, oil levels, meter readings, etc.) Completes daily logs and prepares reports as necessary, enters daily information in computer. Maintains chemical treatment program and enters information into computer. Cleans and maintains plant and assigned boiler facilities. Perform inspections, preventive maintenance on various equipment as directed. Operates and maintains various plant systems (including HVAC) as required to meet equipment and occupant requirements. Works with utility mechanics and performs other duties as directed.  Maintains work area, tools and equipment.

*Core Duties

Additional Responsibilities

*Basic Qualifications

Minimum  Qualifications:
Five (5) years of experience in the trade as a journeyman, current Refrigeration Technician license, and EPA CFC Technician certification required. Trade or vocational school mandatory. Must be thoroughly knowledgeable of and experienced in the installation, operation , troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of all components and/or systems (chillers, cooling towers, pumps, water treatment systems, controls, etc.) pertaining to chilled water generation and distribution.  Must be capable of reading and interpreting plans, specifications, and operating/technical manuals associated with systems/equipment within his/her work scope.

Must observe and comply with all standard safety codes and/or practices and perform work in accordance with recognized trade practices, industry standards, codes and/or requirements of jurisdictional authorities, and University guidelines and/or practices. Must have a complete set of hand tools. Required to wear a clean neat uniform, and maintain a professional image at all times. Also required to wear safety equipment and clothing when appropriate and/or required. Ability to work independently, take initiative when necessary, as well as be capable of working as a member of a team and in conjunction with other trades. Must be quality focused, service oriented, and be able to clearly and professionally communicate in English with peers,
managers, and customers. A current address and telephone number must be provided as a condition of employment. Must have a valid Massachusetts driver's license.

Instructions to Apply:
Please apply to the above link and send me an e-mail to colleen_jenkins@harvard,edu