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The Peterson School has been preparing Facilities Operations Personnel for their State License Exams since 1946. Our Engineering, HVAC, Gas Heat, Oil Heat, Electricity, Facilities Maintenance, and Plumbing staff members are all senior licensed instructors holding major operations and management positions in the largest commercial facilities in the New England area. All of the Peterson School instructional staff is approved for training by the Division of Professional Licensure. Our programs have been researched and carefully designed with the objective being to place students in realistic plan and service operations. All of our programs are constantly being modernized and updated to parallel today’s new technologies.Visit our new lab facilities and compare!

Our Mission

The Peterson School is dedicated to providing students with the most comprehensive training programs in the New England Area. The majority of our courses include both theory and hands-on training in state of the art laboratories. Students are fully prepared to take State License Exams and be gainfully employed in their field. The Peterson School is well aware that complete confidence comes only with experience. To meet that need, the Peterson School offers an innovative support system which is unique to this school only. Due to our reputation of providing top notch technicians and engineers the Peterson School will stand ready to meet the challenges of the changing technologies that the industry will extract. We are constantly updating and adding equipment to our state-of-the-art shop and laboratories. Classrooms are designed to provide optimal training. Our staff of instructors are highly skilled, experienced and enthusiastic. They carry this knowledge and enthusiasm into their classrooms where groups are intentionally kept to a minimum in order to maximize the learning process.


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